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The hinterland of romagna
History, good food and adventure

The hinterland of Rimini is a small world to discover, consisting of castles, medieval castles, and gastronomic specialities. Here is a short list of small towns and villages, the most beautiful, all within easy reach from the Hotel Beaurivage.

Santarcangelo di Romagna is one of the largest countries in the Valmarecchia. The old town occupies the hill of Jupiter, which is said to have born the name of the wine typical of the area, the Sangiovese. The mountain is criss-crossed by dozens of tombs excavated in the tufa, from its origins are still mysterious. To visit, in addition to the caves open to the public, the Parish church, one of the oldest buildings of worship in the area, the malatesta fortress, the torre del Campanone, the convent of the Cappuccini, the ancient printing house of Brands, the MET, the museum of uses and customs of the people of Romagna and the MUSASand the archaeological museum.

Montebello is a small town, which tightens around its castle.
The castle of Montebello, has a medieval and a renaissance style, with furnishings of the period. The guided tour is of two types: a daytime historical and cultural, the other night, and centres on the story of Azzurrina, a little girl that lived here in the middle ages and which disappeared in mysterious circumstances, whose ghost is said to still inhabit the ancient fortress.

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San Leo is a town that stands on a huge spur , and access to the city there is a single road carved into the rock.
Evocative like few other towns, San Leo, inspired Dante in the description of his Purgatory; here he died Cagliostro, imprisoned in the prisons of the fortress. To visit, in addition to the latter an imposing building, there are the Cathedral and the Parish church.

San Marino is a small city-state, in which the profile is always visible from Rimini, given that there is only twenty kilometres away.
From here you can enjoy a beautiful panorama on all the coast and walking through the narrow streets of the centre it is impossible not to let go the temptation of shopping. There is a beautiful walk between the towers, highly recommended.

Gradara is located in the hinterland of Cattolica and is a small village dominated by a manor house amazing, one of the best preserved in Italy. It is a superb example of military architecture of the XIV century and is famous for the way of the love story between Paolo and Francesca, told by Dante in the Divine Comedy, which is said to be consumed here. Today Gradara hosts many events every year, attracting many people.

Walking through the centre of Rimini you will be amazed to find numerous testimonies from the Roman Empire. One is thearch of Augustus , dating back to the 27.C. and that was in the intersection between the via Emilia and the via Flaminia. By imposing structure in Istrian stone in the arch are still visible parts of brick added in the middle Ages, including the battlements. Still, the doric, Tiberius bridge, made of stone from Istria, with five arches. It is one of the most remarkable surviving roman bridges and it was studied and admired by Giovanni Bellini, Andrea Palladio, and Antonio San Gallo.

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